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“And another thing, I don’t want to hear any bitching and moaning about my suits this season. Capiche?”

Mark HeislerPossible NBA contraction? Tighter rules against player complaints? That’s just small, restricted thinking

Quotes of the Week

LeBron James, on the jokes in his Nike commercial: “Well, none of them was jokes.” Not even the one aimed at Sir Charles Barkley?


Miami’s Chris Bosh, on the pressure the Heat faces: “We know a lot of people are really putting us under the microscope…. We knew it was going to be that way. Dealing with it is another thing. But at the end of the day, it’s not going anywhere. It’s going to be here.”


Denver Coach George Karl, on his mission: “Try to convince Melo [Carmelo Anthony] the place he wants to be is really Denver. He just doesn’t know it yet.”


Anthony to Yahoo’s Marc Spears after the emotional win in the opener: “For me, I feel it’s a time for change. If I do nothing now, I’m never going to do anything. I feel like my time is now to make a decision if I want to leave or if I want to stay.”


Billionaire New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov to the New York Times’ Chip Brown, on the Knicks’ arena, Madison Square Garden: “I am looking at the possibility of buying this building and having it shipped back to Moscow and put up on Red Square.” Copyright © 2010, Los Angeles Times

Until now, Nike has simply bowed down to LeBron James


Mark Heisler’s NBA rankings – Los Angeles Times

Heat is only No. 3, but hey, it’s early.


October 31, 2010



1. Lakers (2-0) Kobe at 75%. No Bynum. Maybe they were too ready before. If they can stay healthy and get Andrew Bynum back, Phil Jackson may not stand up the second half of  the season. Hell, he might even coach by iPad.

2. Boston (2-1) Rondo says they’re team to beat in East. So Cavaliers beat them. And then, teammates Delonte West and Von Wafer beat on each other after practice on Thursday.

3. Miami (2-1) By the way, Spoelstra can coach defense. No. 2 last season, No. 1 now. They’re still not big enough up front to win the East.

4. Orlando (1-1) After great preseason and opener, Carter mails in game two. I hate saying this about a Carolina guy, but Vince Carter has future Clipper written all over him.


5. Oklahoma City (2-0) Sefolosha, whom opponents don’t have to guard, still starting. Hey, I can recall when the Lakers were so good, they got away with starting Kurt Rambis at power forward.

6. San Antonio (1-0) High on list of 2011 free agents, Parker falls off it, re-signing. Mr Eva Longoria is nobody’s half- French, half-black fool. He knows a 4-year, $50 million deal might not be available after the new CBA is signed.

7. Portland (2-0) Przybilla close, Oden isn’t — but 20-7 with Camby. Oden is still alive?

8. Atlanta (2-0) Drew says Josh Smith only snarls “a little” at shot-selection tip. Who is Josh Smith?


9. New Orleans (2-0) Panic subsides after 1-7 preseason, or how great is Chris Paul? As great as he wants to be on any given night.

10. Memphis (1-1) Looks like they’re real, winning in Dallas with Randolph out. They keep this up and the Grizzlies may make people in Memphis forget about the UM Tigers this season. Just kidding.

11. Dallas (1-1) Veterans Nowitzki, Kidd, Terry shoot 63%. Young guys at 39%. Mark Cuban will regret the day he traded Devin Harris for Jason “No Longer A” Kidd.

12. Houston (0-2) Defended better when they were anonymous. Just gave up 112-132. Yao! Get it? Never mind.

13. Denver (1-1) Nuggets get fast start they need, for one game. They could go 81-1 and Melo would still want out. It’s Denver, Colorado!

14. New Jersey (2-0) Nets’ 2-0 start under Johnson puts them five weeks ahead of 2009-10 pace. I’ll be stunned if they win 35 this season.

15. Chicago (0-1) Rose looks like young D-Wade but Bulls could still use shooting guard. And a healthy Carlos Boozer.

16. Phoenix (1-2) Nash at usual 17 a game, 50% — but down from 11 assists to 6.7. I’ll be surprised if Nash is still a Sun by the All-Star break.

17. Utah (0-2) Rock-solid no more. Lost by 22 and 16 with four new rotation guys. Is this the final stand of Jerry “Don’t Even Think of Crossing Me” Sloan?

18. Golden State (2-0) Curry-Ellis backcourt no one thinks can work is averaging 51. Quick, name two other Warriors. No fair going to the team’s Website.

19. Charlotte (0-2) In Brown’s third season, Bobcats need good start as much as Nuggets. You realize of course that Larry Brown is almost as old as Jerry Brown.

20. Milwaukee (0-2) Still Brandon Jennings: Shoots nine for 29 in first two. Not exactly en fuego is he.

21. New York (1-1) Stoudemire’s supporting cast: Unknown rookies Mozgov, Fields start. Totie Fields is starting for the Knicks? Oy vey!

22. Sacramento (1-1) Kings haven’t stopped anyone but averaging 109, may outscore some. Perfect team for California’s capitol city.

23. Indiana (1-1) Slow-footed or not, hardworking Hibbert averages 20, 3.5 blocks. Yawn.

24. Toronto (1-1) Jose Calderon, asked if Raptors miss Chris Bosh: “Who?” Just in case you were wondering, Toronto’s in Miami on November 1th.

25. Minnesota (1-1) Rambis still yo-yos supposed cornerstone Love for defense. I wonder if Kurt cried himself to sleep after watching the Lakers latest ring ceremony.

26. Cleveland (1-1) Byron Scott teams play hard, even this totally written-off one. B-Scott probably threatened to kill everyone on the team if they had lost to the Celtics.


25. Clippers (0-2) Unless Griffin averages 50, they’ll have to try guarding someone. Blake Griffin, future ex-Clipper.

26. Washington (0-1) Wall, most hyped young point since Magic, is lost walking it up. How does Flip Saunders still have a head coaching job in the NBA?

28. Philadelphia (0-2) Collins sees pieces don’t fit a little bit. Iggy for Melo? It’s LA (Clippers) or NYC for Mr and Mrs LaLa.

30. Detroit (0-2) Apparently not a savior: No. 7 pick Greg Monroe sits out first two. I might care if I actually had even the remotest idea who the hell Greg Monroe is.



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