1. Has no fingerprints or DNA; can’t be X-rayed or photographed.
  2. Doesn’t know why Mary J. Blige or Tyler Perry are so popular.
  3. Says “I Bless You” whenever someone near him sneezes.
  4. Wears a “WWID” bracelet.
  5. Banned in all casinos for card counting.
  6. Was Larry King’s high school classmate.
  7. Played golf with Satan on seventh day; has regretted it ever since.
  8. His “gators” are live alligators.
  9. Drinks red wine with chicken or fish.
  10. Can’t figure out Oprah and Gayle’s relationship either.
  11. Has attended every Don Rickles performance since 1964.
  12. Is a member of Team Coco.
  13. Member of Alpha and Omega fraternities.
  14. Favorite dessert is Devil’s Food cake.
  15. Had a gut feeling that Eve was going to cause trouble, but created her anyway.
  16. Votes “absentee” in every election in the world.
  17. Never attended seminary.
  18. Has never forgiven Noah for what happened to the unicorns.
  19. Prefers KFC “original spicy” over grilled.
  20. Never watched an episode 24 or Lost.

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