Monday, October 25, 2010

Brett Favre, Clay Matthews

QUOTE OF THE 2010 ELECTION CYCLE – “The latest tax-cut screed, the Republican party’s Pledge to America, is economically incoherent.  It has no meaningful numbers, proposes no changes in programs like Social Security, Medicare, and defense, and asks no sacrifices of anyone, yet says it can balance the budget.  Good luck with that.” – Allan Sloan and Troy Newmyer in the November 1st, issue of Fortune magazine.


Here’s the good news: the 2010 election cycle ends on November 2nd. Here’s the bad news: the 2012 election cycle begins on November 3rd.

I don’t know about you, but the story in Sunday’s Los Angeles Times that former governor Jerry Brown’s lead over Republican billionaire and political neophyte has doubled in one month stunned me. I knew Whitman had problems with “Nannygate” and the fact that she’s poured over $140 million of her own money, a figure most Californians simply can’t comprehend outside of the Mega Millions Lottery, into the race, but I thought she had a legitimate chance against the recycled 72 year-old Brown.

The newest Barbara Boxer ad featuring former Hewlett Packard employees speaking out against Carly Fiorina is brilliant. Their contempt and hatred is palatable and visceral.

I’m no political advertising expert but, even I know that if you have to open an ad with the statement that “I’m not a witch” as Delaware senatorial candidate Christine “Constitutional Genius” O’Donnell did earlier in this campaign, there’s probably a very good chance that you’re going to scare the living hell out of a lot of potential voters as recent polls are showing.

Why am I NOT surprised to find out that Jimmy “The Rent Is Too Damn High” McMillan is a retired postal worker. Oh, and he doesn’t even pay rent and hasn’t since the ‘80s! He does maintenance work in exchange for it.

MC Michael Steele just pisses me off on GP.

Isn’t the real story about the Juan Williams situation that if you say something bigoted and stupid, NPR will fire you while FOX News will promote you and give you a lucrative multi-year contract?

I wonder if Anita Hill is still in Ginny Thomas’ “Fave Five”. 

Congratulations to the Giants and Rangers. Now, on to what will be the lowest-rated World Series in TV history. If he were still alive, I’m fairly certain that Bud Selig would be freaking the f**k out right about now.

Does a World Series is played in San Francisco and Arlington, Texas count if nobody outside of those cities watches?

Irony is super-agent Scott Bora$’ two highest-paid clients – A-Rod (Yankees) and Barry Zito (Giants) – not being in the Series (Zito hasn’t been on the Giants’ postseason roster).

I’m a life-long Dodger fan which means I hate the Giants which means I can’t root for them in the Series, right? But, I’ve never been an American League fan and one of my best friends from high school, Curtis Mingo, is a life-long Giants fan so I should be happy for him – which I am – and root for his team, right? What’s that you say? The NBA season starts Tuesday? Oh well.

If the Rangers win the Series, Nolan Ryan will become the first in MLB history to win a ring as a player (Mets in 1969) and as an owner, joining Mario Lemieux who won the Stanley Cup as a player with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1991 and 1992 and as the principal owner in 2009.

Considering there wasn’t a single penalty called during Sunday’s games for illegal hits, I guess that, despite several players saying that they wouldn’t be able to play their usual game under the new NFL directives, they adapted to them quite well.

Is this really what Brett Favre came back for? Maybe his reluctance to return to the Vikings until they sent teammates down to the ‘Sip and offered him several more million dollars for the season had more to do with Jenn Sterger and his surgically repaired ankle than anyone knew.

By the way, nobody identified and commiserated more with Favre over Fox’s Jay Glazer reporting yesterday that he’s admitted to NFL officials that he did make several phone calls to Sterger (he denied sending nude pictures of himself) than senior horndog Bill Clinton (“I did not have sexual relations with that woman”).

There are two words that explain the Raiders scoring 59 points against the Broncos and the Browns beating the Saints yesterday: s**t happens.

Song Stevie Wonder will never cover: I Can See Clearly Now.

Will there ever be another great black band like Earth, Wind & Fire in my lifetime? Hell, at this point, I’d take a Lo-Key or Mint Condition!

This season’s constant turnover of #1 ranked teams shows clearer than ever the need for a playoff system in Division 1 football (the only one in the NCAA without one). However, as long as the BCS is cutting multi-million dollar checks, there won’t be one.

Remind me again why Notre Dame fired Tyrone Willingham and UCLA did the same to Karl Dorrell.

Best quote in Sports Illustrated’s NBA season preview: “F**k the Heat…With all due respect.” – Orlando Magic forward Quentin Richardson.

Most surprising items in the same issue – The Atlanta Hawks have hired former Laker Nick Van Exel as an assistant coach with an eye to his mentoring 2nd year point guard Jeff Teague. Yes, the same Nick Van Exel who famously chanted “Cancun, Cancun”, as in the popular Mexican vacation spot, after a Laker practice during the 1998 Western Conference Finals series against the Utah Jazz (the Lakers were swept). And, the Trailblazers new GM, Rich Cho, is the first Asian-American to hold that position in the NBA despite the overwhelming history of tall Chinese in the league. Okay, I made up the last 10 words. Still…


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