Saturday, October 23, 2010






 “I am Lady Liberty, hear me roar!” 



Obama Usc













New This Season on BarelyEntertainingTelevision – “At Home With The Thomases” starring Clarence Thomas as “Clarence” and Virginia Thomas as “The Ginny”. This week, Clarence and Ginny discuss her surprise phone call to Clarence’s 1991 accuser, Anita Hill.

Clarence: “Okay Ginny, explain to me again how you thought calling Anita Hill’s office on a Saturday morning and leaving a voice mail message asking her to consider apologizing for something that happened almost 20 years ago, something that I’ve tried to put behind me, something that I’ve never actually told you or anyone else the truth about, was a good idea. Especially after the recent flap about your new Tea Party-aligned group.”

Ginny: “Well, see, what had happened was…”

Clarence: “Chile please.”

It HAS to bother Juan Williams that after a fairly distinguished career stretching back to 1976, he’s become a nationally known figure because he got fired from NPR, doesn’t it?

On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being “Not Important At All and 10 being “Very Important”, where does the Juan Williams/NPR flap rate in your life?

I don’t know about you, but I’m relieved that Steelers linebacker James Harrison has somehow found the wherewithal to continue playing in the NFL despite the league’s new crackdown on illegal hits. I wonder if the fact that he’d have to give back a substantial portion of his multi-million dollar signing bonus if he did retire. Nahhh, I’m sure Harrison made a principled decision that had absolutely nothing to do with his $51.2 million contract.

Singer Monica used her Twitter account to announce that she’s become engaged to Lakers guard Shannon Brown and then promptly closed the account. Here’s wishing all the best to the ATL songbird and her new boo. Maybe they can become the ‘Melo and La La of Los Angeles.

I was watching Elton John and Leon Russell, who’ve just released a new joint album, perform on GMA and got wondering, what would be the black equivalent of this pairing. Any thoughts?

I get nervous whenever I see Catholics dressed in priest garb, identifying themselves first and foremost, as priests.

House Minority Leader John Boehner, the presumed Speaker of the House in the event that the GOP wins a majority next month, has suddenly disappeared from public view in the last two weeks of the campaign. I wonder how his party and the media will react if Dems retain control of the House.

Big ups to actor/singer Jamie Foxx who emceed Friday’s rally at USC that featured President Obama. Many of the stars and celebrities who were so visible in 2008, have retreated into the shadows this election cycle, but not the man who won an Oscar for his searing portrayal of Ray Charles. And for that, I say Mazel Tov.

Let me get this straight: the cast of The Hangover 2 didn’t want to appear with Mel Gibson but were okay acting with convicted rapist Mike Tyson in the original film?

I sure hope ESPN shows the Miami Heat some love before the NBA season starts next week. I mean, I haven’t heard a peep about them since LeBron took his talents to South Beach.

Two things you can count on in 2011: Derek Jeter WILL be in a Yankees uniform and he will have a great year as he becomes the first career Yankee to join the 3000 hit club (he currently has 2,926).

If he had signed the Chargers’ tender offer before this season, WR Vincent Jackson would have earned $3,268,000. Now, after holding out for a long-term contract – which he didn’t get – he’ll report next week in order to get a full year’s service time, be eligible to play against the Colts on November 28 and earn $240,058 for the season. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that Jackson WASN’T an economics  major at Northern Colorado University.

What the hell happened to Randy Quaid? Dude’s life has fallen completely apart since Brokeback Mountain.



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