Saturday, October 16, 2010


Obama Clinton

Clinton: “Oh, so now you want my help.” Obama: “Bite me.”




























 Thanks to loyal reader and friend Forrest Walker for this next item:

QUOTE OF THE WEEK – [In the past 24 months] “The single best decision that I have made was selecting Joe Biden as my running mate.” – President Barack Obama when he and Biden were campaigning for Delaware Senate nominee Chris Coons (D) in Wilmington, DE on Thursday.

Deficit Report Federal Budget



The Education of President Obama –

At Apollo Theater, Prince Announces New Concert Series with Janelle Monae, Cassandra Wilson, Others  

Video: Brett Favre’s practice ‘whoops’ Well, it’s not like he was getting to use “it/them” at home these days anyway.

Wizards Fine Gilbert Arenas $50,000 for Faking Injury

LeBron James set to unveil Nike ‘LeBron 8 South Beach’ shoe  Granted, I live in Los Angeles but, in all the years that James has been in the NBA, I can count on one hand how many people I’ve seen wearing his shoes. And frankly, that goes for Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant too. The once and still king of basketball shoes is Michael “Air” Jordan and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


I’d like to know who decided that male politicians should take off their suit jackets and ties and roll up their sleeves to show that they’re “regular people”? Think about it; how many of us walk around like that? And, what’s the female equivalent – taking off their shoes? Hell, if that’s the case, Pattie LaBelle should have been the first black president!

Reports say that the Oakley sunglasses company received $41 million in free advertising during the Chilean miners rescue. I can’t wait to see the TV commercial.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Andy Richter didn’t have a gun to his head when deciding to take the sidekick position on the new Conan O’Brien show that debuts on TBS next month. Unless of course, his wife was holding it – “You will take the job offer from Conan. You will bring in a weekly check to this house. That is all. We now return to your regular programming.”

While no one outside baseball’s hierarchy was watching, the Philadelphia Phillies have quietly become the powerhouse of the National League. If they defeat the Giants in the LCS, it will be their third straight World Series appearance.

Speaking of the Phillies, I sure hope Dusty Baker was able to sign his contract extension to manage the Reds before they were swept out of the playoffs by Philadelphia.

Ben Rothlisberger is the biggest beneficiary of the latest Brett Favre controversy in that his return this week from a 4-game suspension has become a back-burner story.  




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