Where are the Christians and right-wingers who so loudly denounce “Islamic Extremists” now that a “Christian Extremist”, the so-called Reverend Terry Jones, says he’s going to burn 200 Qurans this Saturday?

And speaking of the so-called Reverend Jones, to paraphrase “Djay” in Hustle & Flow, I pray with all my heart and soul that somebody, ANYBODY, “whomps that fool” between now and Saturday.

How is it that the same people who claim to be “pro-life” – GOP and right-wingers – are so damn “pro-killing” (wars that never end)?

I sure hope the Democrats’ theme song this fall doesn’t turn out to be the Johnny Mathis/Deniece Williams (now that was an unlikely duo!) classic Too Much Too Little Too Late.

Not to sound cynical or accuse the president of playing “election-year politics” or anything like that, but wasn’t there an urgent or pressing need for infrastructure spending before now?

So, you want to be Speaker of the House, John “Agent Orange” Boehner? I think President Obama is going to have something to say about that. Obama Blasts Calls Out John Boehner

Say what you will about GOP members of Congress, they know how to stay on message and in lockstep opposition to the president and his agenda unlike Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado who’s come out against the proposed $50 billion infrastructure program.

Overlooked observation by Atlanta Journal Constitution columnist Cynthia Tucker on last weekend’s Chris Matthews Show, “It’s the fear of a future non-white majority in America that’s at the core of the Tea Party and Glenn Beck’s appeal.”

According to Ed Garland, a defense lawyer for T.I., his recent arrest in West Hollywood, CA was an “unfortunate occurrence” for the rapper/actor. Gee Ed, ya think?

David Spade – TV star. Go figure.

I sure hope the Saints put a serious beat down on “Old Man River” (Brett Favre) tonight.

Every time I see former New England Patriot Richard Seymour in a Raiders jersey, I feel sorry for him. Oh sure, he’s making millions but he has to play for the devil aka Al Davis to do so.

Jets coach Rex “Slim” Ryan is writing checks that I hope his team can’t cover this fall.

The Ravens adding wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh after he was cut by the Seahawks is a move that could pay off big for Baltimore’s Super Bowl hopes this season.

Matt Leinart’s failed career in Arizona points out just how important the right coach and system is for an NFL quarterback. Unlike his former college teammate Reggie Bush who’s a running back and landed on a team that doesn’t need him to be “the man” and has had the same coach throughout his time with the Saints, Leinart never fit in with the Cardinals after Dennis Green was fired as coach.

Speaking of Reggie Bush, hepassed up a great opportunity to gain some much-needed good press by not voluntarily returning his now-tainted Heisman Trophy before the Heisman Trust repossesses it. Somehow, he still just doesn’t “get it” and as a fellow San Diegan (his mother and I graduated from the same high school), that saddens me. On the other hand, he did date Kim Kardashian for a while so we know he has poor judgment skills off-the field.

“Sometimes, I’m convinced that everybody’s nuts but me, and I am the only sane sumbitch on the planet.” – Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.


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