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“I actually think it will be even worse than what happened to Bill Clinton because of the animosity they already feel for President Obama. – Lanny Davis, a former deputy White House counsel who lived through Clinton’s trials, talking about the GOP’s plan for a wave of White House probes if it regains control of the House this fall.

“If Republicans go on an investigative witch hunt when and if they gain power in November, then their power will be very short lived. The American public wants Congress to work together, not to investigate each other.” – Mark McKinnon, a former George W. Bush adviser sympathetic to Obama.

“I accepted his [Ken Mehlman] decision. We agreed to disagree on the issue of same-sex marriage. But proponents of same-sex marriage within the Republican Party have gained an effective advocate.” – Former RNC chair Ed Gillespie on “Good Morning America.”

“There are now more and more Republicans, and conservative Republicans(such as Laura Bush and Dick Cheney), who have talked about this issue [same sex marriage] through the prism of being an equal rights issue, and being an issue that should not define the conservative movement and the party.” – Former McCain presidential campaign manager Steve Schmidt, who was a spokesman and strategist for George W. Bush’s 2004 campaign.

“As a candidate for this office, I pledged I would end this war. As President, that is what I am doing. … Like any sovereign, independent nation, Iraq is free to chart its own course. And by the end of next year, all of our troops will be home.” – President Barack Obama in his weekly radio/You Yube address.


GOP plans wave of White House probesElections have consequences people; VOTE!

Town hall rage subsides

Democrats have largely avoided a repeat of the headline-grabbing brawls of last summer.

Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin Rally: A Martin Luther King Nightmare

It’s still King’s moment

Glenn Beck cannot diminish Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream.

Stewart RIPS Glenn Beck’s Civil Rights Rally: ‘I Have A Scheme’ (VIDEO)

GOP Family Feud Rages In Florida: Defeated Republican Says ‘No’ To Unity

Republican Civil War Breaks Out In Alaska

Alaskan Senate Race: Pressure on Murkowski Third Party Run  

From NBC’s Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, Domenico Montanaro, and Ali Weinberg
*** Surviving the Tea Party’s takeover of the GOP: One of the more profound changes in American politics is how much more conservative the nominees inside the Republican Party have become. The Tea Party and Jim DeMint are now closer to the representing the center of the GOP, not George W. Bush and his “compassionate conservatism.” This has presented longtime Republican moderates/centrists with a dilemma of what to do, and we’ve seen three different responses so far, which were on display in some form this past Tuesday. One path was demonstrated by John McCain, who decided to shift his positions (on immigration, Supreme Court judges) just enough to the right. He easily won his primary on Tuesday. A second response was exemplified by Lisa Murkowski, who essentially stayed as she was. She appears headed for a defeat in the too-close-to-call GOP Senate primary in Alaska. And a third trail was blazed by Charlie Crist, who decided to leave his party. He’s currently engaged in Florida’s three-way Senate contest. Who charted the right course?

Congress elections: An embattled Democratic incumbent runs on his record.  

His hometown is a Republican bastion. Double-digit unemployment grips the area. “Tea party” conservatism is spreading like wildfire. For Rep. John M. Spratt Jr. (D-S.C.), a member of his party’s national leadership with a voting record to match, the midterm election has put a bull’s-eye on his back. But unlike many other senior Democrats in his perilous position, Spratt has decided to fight rather than quit.

Ken Mehlman Gay Revelation: GOP Shift on Same Sex Marriage? I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a shift.

Paterson Misled Inquiry Over Tickets, Report Says

Gov. David A. Paterson misled investigators about how he got World Series tickets, an independent counsel said.

Kristi Noem, Rising GOP Star, Under Fire for 20 Speeding Tickets

“I just feel disheartened we’re spending time talking about my poor driving record when we could be talking about the economy and jobs,” said Noem.

Social media: Social-media use nearly doubles among people 50 and over –

Facebook  As of May, 42% of Americans age 50 or over were using social-networking tools such as Facebook, a Pew Research Center survey shows. In April 2009, the figure was just 22%.

Judge praises Chris Brown at probation progress hearing Chris Brown is doing EVERYTHING the court ordered him to do, but he doesn’t get the kind of media attention for adhering to the judge’s orders that Lindsay Lohan has gotten for doing the polar opposite.

Will Forte (MacGruber) will not be returning to new season of ‘SNL’ I guess he has to get ready for making more terrible movies based on marginally mediocre ‘SNL’ sketches. 

Katy Perry’s Today Show Performance: Candy & Sparkles (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

 Hornets make play for present in trading for Trevor Ariza


The Hornets traded for Trevor Ariza, a 6-foot-8 swingman who played a key role in the Lakers’ 2009 title run. Dell Demps formally took over the Hornets the day Chris Paul reportedly asked out. Now, about a month later, Demps has given CP3 one major reason to buckle down, says Lee Jenkins


Colletti, Torre, Bowa and Schaefer have a right to call Matt Kemp (or any other player) out for what they perceive as a lack of preparation, hustle and execution. It would probably be best if they did so in private, especially in the case of Colletti and Schaefer, who never played in the major leagues. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time around professional athletes over the years and I’m pretty sure that while Kemp doesn’t mind the things that Torre and Bowa have said, he probably resents the other two calling him out in such a public manner. After all, he’s not the only reason why the Dodgers have played poorly this season.

I’d hate to see Kemp leave the Dodgers because he has the tools to be a great player for a number of years. But, if Joe Torre and his staff are here next year, it’s probably best for both he and the Dodgers to part ways this off-season.

Charles L. Freeman, Baldwin Hills


Something to remember about Barack Obama from the 2008 campaigns and the battle for the healthcare reform bill: He is a closer!

It will be very interesting to see how many and which Republican from the House and Senate actually show up onstage next to Glen Beck in Washington, DC today.

Jimmy Carter’s success in getting an American prisoner released from North Korea makes President Obama two-for-two in using former Democratic presidents to deal with this country on humanitarian missions.

Forget his gracious concession speech – which he didn’t write – on November 4, 2008. The “real” John McCain will never, ever work with the man he angrily called “That one!” during a debate.

Since you’re supposed to be a citizen to vote in this country and it takes a minimum of 5 years under most circumstances to become a naturalized citizen, is it too much to ask that all ballots be printed in English and English only?

There is no off-switch for genius. Unfortunately, there’s not one for stupidity either, which explains the on-going appeal of Sarah Palin.

Just because Matt Taibi writes it in Rolling Stone doesn’t mean it’s right.

Why doesn’t Toyota just recall every car and truck they made in the last 7 years and get it over, once and for all?

I wonder when and how Sandra Bullock is going to break things off with Jesse James’ kids now that she’s adopted son Louis as a single parent? I understand she grew close to them during her marriage to their father and they want to be around her and Louis, but the longer she maintains contact with them, the more that means she’ll have to deal with James who has moved to Austin. I expect Bullock will spend more time in Louis’ hometown of New Orleans than Austin until James gets the message and moves back to So Cal.

Blair Underwood is Hollywood’s go-to black actor when it comes to interracial relationships and Eva Mendes is their Latina choice to hook-up with black men in films. Sooooo, why hasn’t some studio put these two together in a movie yet?

As a big TV fan, I’m looking forward to the Emmy Awards on Sunday.

I’m warning CBS: they’d better not mess up the revival of Hawaii Five-O because if they do, I will take them down.

Something Even Ray Charles In His Current Condition Saw Coming – Bristol Palin to do Dancing With The Stars(talk about stretching the definition of the word “star”). 

If the song that plays in the Pristiq anti-depression medication TV ad was released as a single, I’d buy it.

Why do I hate Lady GaGa but love Katy Perry?

Did you know that Regis Philbin turned 79 this week? Philbin, who interviewed Noah right before the flood, has the world-record for being on more hours of television than anyone else. That’s easy to do when your high school science teacher might have been Philo T. Farnsworth.

Red Sox 3B Adrian Beltre is having his best season at the plate since 2004 when he became the first LA Dodger to lead the National League in home runs. Any coincidence that like ’04, this is the last year of his contract? I’m just saying…

It’s ironically fitting that the Cincinnati Reds are unable to hold a ceremony honoring Pete Rose’s record-breaking 4,192nd career hit on September 11, the 25th anniversary of the play, because Rose, a convicted felon for filing false income tax returns not showing income he received from selling autographs and memorabilia, and from horse racing winnings, has an appearance scheduled at a casino that day.

Whenever I see something like this Ozzie Guillen’s son takes aim at White Sox via Twitter , I can’t help but wonder if the son is saying things that even his father, as crazy and outspoken as any major-league manager today, won’t dare put his name to. I mean, if Ozzie really wanted his son to shut up, wouldn’t he make the kid stop? I’m just asking.

Alex Rodriguez may have been the better defensive shortstop and yes, he’s hit more home runs and won more MVP awards but, the biggest difference between he and teammate Derek Jeter other than the number of World Series rings (5-1 in Jeter’s favor) is the lack of clutch moments in his careers. While I, like most serious baseball fans, am hard-pressed to name any of A-Rod’s, Sports Illustrated has composed a list of Jeter’s top ten, most of which I easily remember. Derek Jeter’s top 10 clutch moments  

Words That If Said Out Loud Should Get Any NBA General Manager Fired – “You know, Adam Morrison has two rings from his time as a Laker. If we can figure out a way to get him under the salary cap, we just might have a shot at a title.”

Don’t think for a minute that CAA Sports, Leon Rose and “Worldwide Wes” Anthony, Nuggets look ready to part ways aren’t going to be a big part of the upcoming NBA collective bargaining agreement negotiations.

You read it here first: NBA Comeback Player of the Year – Gilbert Arenas.

How To Tell Emmitt Smith Wasn’t A Math Major In College

“Now I’m completing the other half of that triangle.” – Smith during his speech after his recent Pro Football Hall of Fame induction where he joined former teammates Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin as members. The three players were popularly known as “The Triplets” when playing for the Dallas Cowboys.

Isn’t it time for a Dwight Gooden DUI arrest?


Non Sequitur



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