Thursday, August 26, 2010

President Obama at Nancy’s Restaurant on Wednesday in Oak Bluffs, Mass., during his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.


“The hostility between the administration and Fox never wore me down, but of course it made my job more difficult. . . . I’d be a liar if I said otherwise…I was a conscientious objector in that war. I never fought it.” – Fox News WH correspondent Major Garrett on Wednesday after announcing that he’s leaving the network to become a congressional correspondent for the National Journal.


Maybe it’s just me but, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Tea Parties and Palin power are just new names for an aging, white, undereducated, anti-government Republican base.

68 days to the mid-term elections. Primaries are totally different from general elections and that’s when we’ll find out just what the so-called “Tea Party” movement really means.

Another Campaign Promise Kept

As a candidate, President Obama made a commitment that most thought wouldn’t come to pass — that by the end of August of 2010, our combat troops would be gone. And now it is happening.

Nowhere is “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” better practiced than in the GOP.

He may have won big, but the fact that John McCain had to spend $21 million to win a primary two years after running for president is telling.

Shouldn’t Sarah Palin, a very popular governor for most of her self-truncated only term, be able to influence a statewide election in her home state?

Things just got a little tougher for Kendrick Meek in Florida Statement: FL Teamsters Endorse Charlie Crist for Senate  with this endorsement of Charlie Crist.

Speaking of Florida, State Attorney General Bill McCollum issued a less-than-magnanimous concession statement describing his Republican gubernatorial primary opponent Rick Scott as a “multi-millionaire with a questionable past who shattered campaign spending records”. A tad bitter are we Mr McCollum?

I’ve never met the man but Joe Biden strikes me as the sort of person I’d like to work for or go to a ball game with.

For those who say a First Lady shouldn’t be out on the campaign trail during mid-term elections: Laura Bush campaigned for 39 congressional candidates in 2006.

I’m all for diversity on the Sunday morning news shows , but I thought Jake Tapper did an excellent job as interim host of ABC’s This Week. Speaking of Tapper… JAKE TAPPER, on Martha’s Vineyard, used a bite from a sit-down with MARK KNOLLER, “the White House press corps’ unofficial record-keeper,” in a piece for last night’s “Nightline” on the politics of presidential vacation, including the “mythology” they attach to our first families. Knoller said Obama “has accumulated 46 days of vacation since taking office … At this point in his presidency, George W. Bush had been to his ranch on 14 occasions, spanning over … all or part of 102 days.” – From Politico Playbook

Crawford, Texas or Martha’s Vineyard in August? Damn straight the media likes Obama better than Bush 43! LOL

Cocky, Arrogant or Downright Delusional – You Make The Call

“Man, they talk bad about Jesus. So they talk bad about him as much as he did right, I can only imagine how much they gonna talk about me.” – Rapper/Actor Clifford “T.I.” Harris

You know you’re a media whore when reports of an armed intruder at your home – Paris Hilton – makes people say, “I wonder if this is a publicity stunt?”

Claudine is a classic.

OF COURSE the divorce took an emotional toll on Tiger Woods. And his wife too. Think about it: would you want your personal problems spread out across the world’s media for everyone to see?

I wonder if Brett Favre would have come back last week if he knew WRs Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin would be stricken with a hip injury that required surgery and debilitating migraine headaches respectively. After all, those are the top two receivers on the Vikings.

Brenda Warner recently tweeted that she’d like to see Denzel Washington play her husband, former NFl quarterback Kurt, if his life story was ever filmed. I’m guessing she was joking – Kurt said it would be “Denzel’s greatest challenge as an actor” – but it got me to thinking about other interesting casting possibilities: Pam Grier as Margaret Thatcher. Blair Underwood as George W. Bush. Sofia Vergara as Laura Bush. Lindsay Lohan as Condoleeza Rice. Chris Brown as Bruce Springsteen. Beyonce as Marilyn Monroe. Taye Diggs as Clark Gable. Whoopi Goldberg as an attractive woman. Shaquille O’Neal as Gary Coleman. Ed Marinaro as OJ Simpson. The possibilities are endless I tell you. Endless.

$59.6M high school stadium price not too big in Texas  I wonder what they spent on the science, math and computer labs this year.

Is this season an aberration or is it the start of Albert Pujols’ decline from “Superstar” to merely great?

If GM Omar Minaya and field manager Jerry Manuel are in the same jobs with the Mets when spring training opens next year, I will walk from Los Angeles to New York for their first game with the Dodgers.

Goodbye Manny, don’t let the door hit you in your dreadlocks on your way out of LA.

An 18-game NFL season is a baaadddd idea.

Matt Leinart is not a starting NFL quarterback.

Let’s clear this up once and for all: Deion Sanders was the last true “shut-down” cornerback in the NFL.

Something for Laker fans to consider: The odometer keeps rolling. Now that Kobe Bryant’s turned 32, how much of a decline can we expect in his game over the next few seasons? [When Michael] Jordan returned to the Chicago Bulls late in the 94-95 season — at 32 — he’d played only 778 NBA regular season and playoff games. By comparison, Kobe Bryant has already played a whopping 1,219 games, 57% more than Jordan at the same age. Kobe is clearly the NBA version of a Ferrari with high mileage. …

I have a confession to make: I like Katy Perry’s California Gurls. Please don’t tell anyone.

Hey, whatever happened to Octomom?








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