Tuesday, August 24, 2010



“Father, forgive them for they know not what they say.”


Lou Piniella



Ron Paul Breaks With Son, Rand Paul On Islamic Cultural Center Opposition

Beck PRAISED ‘Good Muslim’ Imam Rauf In 2006

Dems urge Obama to take a stand

The billionaire Koch brothers’ war against Obama : The New Yorker

Wyclef Jean: I’m not giving up my bid for prez yet

GOP’s Fundraising Handicap Raises Election Concerns

Gop Fundraising  “I don’t know nothin’ ’bout no money!”

Democrats’ ‘mama grizzly’ vs. ‘the next Sarah Palin’
SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — As South Dakota’s lone House member, Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D) wants each of her votes to reflect the wholesome, conservative values of this rural rectangle of a state. So she has artfully tailored her record: no on the health-care overhaul; no on the Wall Street…

From First Read – The New York Daily News: “‘The president says he’s a Christian. I take him at his word,’ Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Sunday on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press.’ ‘I think the faith that most Americans are questioning is the President’s faith in the government to generate jobs.’ But McConnell’s carefully worded remark raised eyebrows among those who felt the statement was intentionally cagey.”

“Republican Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia won his seat in Congress campaigning as a strict defender of the Constitution. He carries a copy in his pocket and is particularly fond of invoking the Second Amendment right to bear arms. But it turns out there are parts of the document he doesn’t care for — lots of them,” the AP writes. “He wants to get rid of the language about birthright citizenship, federal income taxes and direct election of senators, among others. He would add plenty of stuff, including explicitly authorizing castration as punishment for child rapists.

This hot-and-cold take on the Constitution is surprisingly common within the GOP, particularly among those like Broun who portray themselves as strict Constitutionalists and who frequently accuse Democrats of twisting the document to serve political aims. Republicans have proposed at least 42 Constitutional amendments in the current Congress, including one that has gained favor recently to eliminate the automatic grant of citizenship to anyone born in the United States.”

Housing Fades as a Means to Build Wealth, Analysts Say
Many economists now believe that the days of banking on an asset that could only rise in value are gone for good.

Michelle Obama, Laura Bush Plan Joint 9/11 Anniversary Event


Spike Lee continues New Orleans story

Spike Lee’s return to New Orleans for the follow-up of his sprawling post- Hurricane Katrina documentary “When the Levees Broke: A Requiem…


 First Couple Steps Out For Dinner At Sweet Life Café On Martha’s Vineyard  

Obama Sweet Life Cafe

The First Couple 

 Wanda Sykes & Wife Step Out  

Wanda Sykes Wife Alex

Mrs & Mrs Wanda Sykes

Beyonce & Jay-Z’s Portofino Vacation

Jayz Beyonce

Mr & Mrs Shawn Carter

Savvy Situation: MTV star turns fame into fortune  

An Interview With An Author: Pam Grier Goes From Blaxploitation Queen to Advocate of Truth  

Sandberg would be a fresh, familiar face for Cubs  

Redskins: Haynesworth vs Shanahan going into OT

Tomlinson Shows Hints of His Old Form

Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson sent a message that there was something left in his 31-year-old legs after nine mostly stellar seasons and 12,490 yards with the Chargers.

Classic mix-up — Amar’e never talked to Isiah about the Knicks

“Oy vey. What do you people want from me? It sounded like Amar’e to me, okay? After all, I’m the same guy who thought it was my daughter who was passed out on my kitchen floor last year and it turned out to be me instead.” 

Juli Inkster disqualified from LPGA Safeway Classic   

LPGA Director of Tournament Competitions Sue Witters said a viewer noticed the device [rules infraction]from the television broadcast of the event and contacted tournament officials. I’m no expert on golf rules but, if the tournament officials doesn’t catch the infraction when it occurs, why should somebody watching TV have that kind of influence on the outcome of an event? And, how does the average fan watching at home get in contact with LPGA or tournament officials that easily? Can I call the NFL the next time a team gets away with something against my beloved Chargers?

Mariotti charged: Jay Mariotti, a panelist on ESPN‘s Around the Horn and FanHouse.com writer, was released from jail on $50,000 bail Saturday in Los Angeles after being booked on a felony charge. Mariotti was arrested early Saturday morning after what police say was a “domestic incident” and booked on an undisclosed felony charge at 5:45 a.m. ESPN spokesman Mike Soltys said “we are not commenting until this gets sorted out.” Said FanHouse editor Scott Ridge: “We are in the process of gathering the facts and have no further comment.”

Mariotti wouldn’t be on-air this week anyway, given the Around the Horn shows will be replaced by Little League World Series games and he would seem replaceable given the show’s various panelists.

At least one media critic —Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco— suggested in a tweet that he’s looking forward to seeing how ESPN handles the situation: “Holy jail time Batman, another ESPN analyst has been arrested, Jay Mariotti, let’s see if they crucify their own like they do us.”

Ex-NBC NFL analyst and NBC News reporter Tiki Barber, reports Newsday, will appear on yahoo.com’s online studio shows and on a new fantasy-football show this season. Says Barber, looking back on his time with NBC: “I don’t think it was horrible.” He’s probably the only one who feels that way. 

 RANDOM THOUGHTS What if Wyclef and Rod Blagojevich ran as a ticket in Haiti? Nobody wants their phone to ring after they’ve gone to bed because it’s usually bad news of some sort. So imagine what must go through Barack Obama’s mind when his phone rings after midnight. Every time I see Spike Lee in his Yankees gear, I can’t help but wonder when he became such a big fan of the team from the Bronx. I mean, he wore a Jackie Robinson jersey in Do The Right Thing and I distinctly remember his wearing a Mets cap in many photographs early in his career.  Speaking of Lee, he has a prominent role in the excellent ESPN 30For30 documentary on the Knicks/Pacers rivalry of the 1990s – Winning Time. In this program, Lee reveals the real reason behind he and Reggie Miller’s “feud” during those days. By the way, one thing comes through loud and clear in this program: the NBA was a LOT rougher and more physical and fights between teams were far more commonplace then compared to now. You might not have been paying attention but Mike Shanahan Vs Albert Haynesworth in the Redskins camp just keeps getting worser and worser with Haynesworth announcing over the weekend that he has no intention of attending NEXT YEAR’S off-season conditioning program. Never mind that he hasn’t made it through this season yet and that there might not be one in 2011 (potential lockout coming). This is like a man telling his wife, “I cheated on you this year and I’m going to be cheating on you again next year so you might as well get ready for the heartbreak now.”  

Congratulations to Tony Dungy for not backing down one iota on his “no-profanity” stance during Sunday night’s NBC football game broadcast. Talk about “Longshot Odds” – After Sunday’s loss, which gave the Reds their first series win at Dodger Stadium since 2004, the Dodgers trail San Diego by 12 games in the division and Philadelphia by eight games in the wild-card standings. To reach the postseason, they have to win 27 of their last 37 games and hope the Phillies have a losing record the rest of the way…And the Phillies haven’t had a losing month this season.

How can Steve Harvey and I be the same age and I’ve got plenty of “salt” to go along with the “pepper” in my moustache and his remains as black as West Virginia coal? And don’t get me started on Lionel Richie and LA sports reporting legend Jim Hill, both in their 60s and not a speck of gray anywhere! 

The best unintentionally funny show on TV is the 4th hour of TODAY with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.


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