Tuesday, August 24th Bonus Edition


Manny Ramirez

Whomever the next owner/s of the Dodgers may be, I hope they take a page out of the New York Yankees handbook and say, “You want to wear our uniform and take our money on the 1st and 15th? Okay, that means you will cut your hair, shave your beards, not wear earrings on the field and look and act like professionals at all times.”


“The Republicans drove our economy into a ditch, and the irony here is that Boehner would fire the very people who helped make the tough decisions” [on the economy]. – WH Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton responding to House Minority Leader John Boehner’s saying that the president needs to fire his economic team.

“Mr. Boehner, after months of promising a look at his party’s agenda for his plans for America — their economic agenda — he made what was billed this morning as a major economic address. And his chief proposal, when you look at it, was apparently that the president should fire his economic team. Very constructive advice, and we thank the leader for that. (Laughter.)

But let’s take a look at the rest of his advice… Let’s review a little bit of history here. For eight years before we arrived in the West Wing, Mr. Boehner and his party ran the economy, and the middle class literally into the ground. They took a $237 billion operating surplus, inherited from the Clinton administration, and left us with a $1.3 trillion deficit — and in the process quadrupled the national debt, all before we literally turned on the lights in the West Wing, before we did one single solitary thing. They gave free rein to the special interests to write their own rules at the expense of everybody else, not just the middle class. And the sum total was the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression — a crisis that wreaked havoc upon American families and businesses all across this country, a crisis from which we are still digging out.’ Vice-President Joe Biden firing back at House Minority Leader John Boehner at an event today promoting the economic stimulus.

“I look at this as a SMOKING-the-drapes moment for John Boehner, not a measuring-them. I mean, he really is smoking the drapes if he thinks the policies that they adopted – that they championed, that drove us into the ditch — are the ones that we should return to, and that Americans, when given a choice, are going to say, ‘Yeah, that’s EXACTLY where I want to back to! Let’s backslide toward the Bush era.” – Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Fla.) on Monday’s DNC conference when Steve Brown of Fox News asked, “Do you take a look at this speech in Cleveland as a measuring-the-drapes moment?”

“If we want to cut off funding to the terror mosque, we must, together as a nation, stop watching Fox.” – TV show host Jon Stewart explaining how the “terror mosque” is funded by Prince Alwaleed, despite being a co-owner of Fox News, and therefore funding terrorism.

“I’m just happy to be here.” – Fantasia on GMA Tuesday morning.


John Boehner To Obama: Fire Tim Geithner, Larry Summers, Extend Bush Tax Cuts


*** Boehner’s big speech: The other big political event today is House Minority Leader John Boehner’s economic speech, which he was scheduled to deliver at 8:00 am ET at the City Club of Cleveland. Per an advanced copy of the speech, Boehner calls for extending the Bush tax cuts, cutting spending, and eliminating uncertainty for businesses. But a quick read of the speech reveals that it contains more rhetoric than actual policy proposals; it doesn’t really list specifics about how he plans to cut spending and the debt, especially if you extend the Bush tax cuts. He talks about running the House differently, but he doesn’t say how exactly. The one bit of news that the wires is running with is Boehner’s call for the resignation of Obama’s economic team. There’s also one intriguing policy proposal he mentions that a “Speaker Boehner” could find common ground with an Obama White House — tax-code reform. “We need to take a long and hard look at the undergrowth of deductions, credits, and special carve-outs that our tax code has become,” he is expected to say. Our question: Why is Boehner giving this speech now in late August? Is he testing out what could work?

*** The Dems fire back: While it might be late August, Democrats aren’t holding back their fire at Boehner’s speech. Yesterday, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz participated in a DNC-sponsored conference call, saying that Boehner would be proposing a return to George W. Bush’s policies. The DNC also has released a Web video whacking the House minority leader. And the White House has blog post pre-butting the speech. “Today, Ohioans will hear an argument for a return to the economic policies that turned a surplus into record deficits and helped create the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.”

From Morning Fix:

Palin has endorsed 13 candidates in primaries since June 8 and has just three wins (Tom Emmer in the Minnesota governor’s race, Mary Fallin in the Oklahoma governors’ race and John Koster in Washington’s 2nd district) to show for it. Her candidates have lost high profile governor’s races in Georgia and Wyoming during that time.

Palin won’t likely get the credit she deserves for stabilizing McCain and will get more blame than is fair for Miller’s expected loss. But, with the narrative already being built that her endorsement power is waning, a defeat in her own political backyard won’t be helpful to her 2012 prospects.

Mitch McConnell’s tax cut lies – Joan Walsh

Arizona’s Accidental Governor: Jan Brewer’s Reinvention – TIME

Michael Steele Distances GOP From Arizona Immigration Law

Shirley Sherrod Declines Offer To Return To Ag. Department

Williams Gets Obama

Dolly Parton, Queen Latifah team up for movie musical

Now, there’s an unlikely duo. Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah are set to hit the big screen together in a “musically-driven feature that tells the story of an unlikely partnership between two strong-minded women who are forced to work together to save a small town Gospel choir after budget cuts threaten to shut them down,” according to the press release. Joyful Noise will feature some songs penned by Parton, who showed off her acting chops in previous films like Steel Magnolias and 9 to 5. I pray to God that this is shot in 4-D!

NO JOKE: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Supports Gay Marriage, Finds Obama ‘Incredibly Cool’

Nick Cannon Coy On Mariah Pregnancy Rumors

Mariah Carey Pregnant  

Mariah: “Thank you baby.’” Nick: “My pleasure.”  Mariah: “Mine too.”

Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t it seem a little bit late in the game for this Kroenke’s son tries to woo Anthony considering how long Melo’s been a Nugget?

Marcus Jordan Is Just as Bad a Gambler as His Dad, Apparently  

A baseball love story veers off the base paths


In happier days, Jamie and Frank McCourt mingled with fans before a Dodgers game.


If I met a genie today and he granted me three wishes, Tamron Hall of NBC News would be the second one. The first one would be enough money to afford her!

Why do so many Republicans who profess to hate Washington, DC want to be sent there?

Since when does the House Minority Leader get to tell the President who he should fire?

Isn’t it time for Howard Dean to go sit down somewhere and just shut up?

While Sarah Palin continues her Facebook and Twitter campaign endorsement strategy and making random, unintelligible rants against the president, Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty are quietly building their campaign organizations for 2012.

Speaking of Palin, what happens to her “brand value” if the decision to wade into Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s (Palin hates her) primary election fight by endorsing conservative challenger Joe Miller goes to naught with a loss by Miller?

Before the egg recall, I had no idea the industry was controlled by so few producers.

CALLING ALL STRIPPERS, SKEEZERS, SKANKS AND HOs! Tiger Woods is a free-agent once again. Let the panties/thongs get to dropping!

You know your ex hates you when she asks the court to return her maiden name during divorce proceedings.

Not that I’ve been around that many suicide attempt survivors, but Fantasia sure seemed pretty upbeat on GMA this morning considering all that’s happened to her recently. So upbeat in fact, that I couldn’t help but wonder if the “suicide attempt” wasn’t all part of a media strategy. I know that’s probably a terrible thing to say, but it feels that way after seeing her.

Based on the poor box-office results of most of her movies, would Jennifer Anniston be better served in doing what her good friend and fellow Friends co-star, Courtney Cox Arquette has done, and return to a TV sitcom? I’d have to think that any network would LOVE to have her.

If a studio put Jennifer Anniston and Jennifer Lopez in the same movie, would it be the first negative box-office tally in history?

As soon I saw the headline that Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah are going to co-star in a movie, all I could think is that they MUST shoot it in 4-D!

I wonder what would have happened if instead of Quincy Jones, Maurice White had produced Michael Jackson.

Jerry Butler is the Frank Robinson of male soul singers: vastly underrated.

Major League Baseball, and not the cities of Miami and Tampa, are to blame for the stadium situations in those towns. Both are expansion teams who should have never been allowed to start play without new, baseball-only stadiums.

I said it in the spring of 2009 and I’ll say it again: The Dodgers should have never, ever re-signed Manny Ramirez.

Eight words that hurts to type: The Dodgers should have never traded Juan Pierre.

You read it here first: Brett Favre won’t last the season.

This just in: Greg Oden is still alive!

Now that Michael Jordan has brought Kwame “Hands of Stone” Brown to Charlotte, can his other terrible first-round choice, Adam “DNPCD” Morrison be far behind. (DNPCD stands for “Did Not Play, Coach’s Decision”).

The Jordan boys, Jeffrey and Marcus, should have some verrrrryyyy interesting “What I Did This Summer” back-to-school essays this fall.

I’m not sure which revelation this summer was the most stunning: Amar’e Stoudemire is Jewish, Laurence Fishburne’s daughter wants to be a porn star or Lindsay Lohan isn’t a drug addict. I mean, I haven’t been this surprised since, well, never.

Early Date To Target On NFL Schedule

Sunday, September 19 – Patriots @ Jets


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