“I can’t do it. The Secret Service doesn’t allow it. …I miss nothing more than just driving right along Lake Shore Drive. I would love to hop in a convertible right now on a nice day like today and drive all the way up along the lake. But I can’t do it. So my driving is either at the Secret Service testing site, the training site there where you can do some J-turns and do some pretty spiffy moves, or the golf cart. Those are the two opportunities I get to drive, and I miss it tremendously.” – President Barack Obama responding to CNBC car guy Phil Lebow on the floor of a Ford plant in Chicago, when Lebow asked the president the last time he drove a car.

[Republicans are now] “a legion of effective shock troops who are on the offense and making Democrats sweat.” – RNC chairman Michael Steele telling members of the Republican National Committee Friday that the GOP can’t rest between now and November even though conditions seem ripe for big gains.

[Republicans are] “fighting against the economic recovery every step of the way. The 71,000 private-sector jobs added to the economy in July is a “sharp turnaround from the 700,000 jobs per month lost under President Bush.”  – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday after worse-than-expected job numbers were released.

“It’s another example of how we strengthened the ethics process. The reason people are hearing the case of Charlie Rangel (D-NY) and Maxine Waters (D-CA) is because we put in place accountability measures to make sure we have high standards and that people are held accountable to those standards.” – DCCC Chairman Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) on ethics violations.

 “When I look at the past 200 years with what our people have suffered, Wolf — political instability, coups after coup d’états. I feel that me running, it bring as neutral situation — meaning that Wyclef Jean can sit with any political party, have a conversation. I’m coming in neutral.  After Jan. 12th, I would say over 50 percent of the population is a youth population. And we suffered for over 200 years. Now that our country has a problem, it’s a chance to rebuild from the bottom on up. And I don’t even say I’m trying to be president. I’m being drafted by the youth of Haiti. Right now is a chance for to us bring real education into the school, infrastructure, security and proper jobs. So this is some of the reasons that I’m running.”  – Musician Wyclef Jean responding to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Thursday’s “Larry King Live” when Blitzer asked him what made him qualified to be Haiti’s president.

“As far as the media’s concerned, Mrs. Obama deserves this. Look at the sordid past. Look at our slave past, look at the discriminatory past. It’s only fair that people of color get their taste of the wealth of America too.” – Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh discussing the lack of media outrage over the First Lady’s trip to Spain — which isn’t exactly true, as documented here — Limbaugh said that it stems from her race.

“Isiah Thomas brings unique experience as a Hall of Fame player, coach, executive and owner, and we believe having him as part of our organization will be extremely beneficial to the team’s success,” Madison Square Garden chairman James Dolan and team president Donnie Walsh announced jointly in a statement on Friday following news that Thomas would rejoin the franchise that he practically ran into the ground (ok, my words) from December 2003-April 2008, with the Knicks never winning a postseason game despite often having the league’s highest payroll. He was also the coach the final two seasons, getting dismissed after a 23-59 season in 2007-08.


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