Monday, August 2, 2101


L-R President Barack Obama, Malia Obama, unidentified friend of Malia’s and Mystics owner Sheila Johnson at the MCI Center in Washington, DC on Staurday.


This was then: “Senator Obama and I have had and argued our differences, and he has prevailed. No doubt many of those differences remain. These are difficult times for our country. And I pledge to him tonight to do all in my power to help him lead us through the many challenges we face.” – Senator John McCain during his concession speech on November 4, 2008

And this is now: “I am proud of the leadership position I have taken fighting this administration.” – John McCain, during a debate in Arizona last month with his primary challenger, JD Hayworth.

“I expect, and the American people expect, the highest ethical standards from their members of Congress. Nancy Pelosi said four years ago that it was time to drain the swamp. I can’t believe it’s taken some two years to investigate the Charlie Rangel case. But the fact is she has not kept her promise. The swamp is alive and well.” – House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio on Fox News Sunday.

“When I came in, I said we’re draining the swamp. And we did. We have passed the most sweeping ethics reform in the history of the Congress. Any personal respect and affection we may have for people makes us sad about the course of events, but we have to pull the high ethical standard and none of our personalities is more important than that.” – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told ABC’S This Week on Sunday.

“Just shut up. There is a bipartisan ethics committee. Let the process go forward they don’t need jump on this — they will just get questioned. Believe me there are plenty of congressman in both parties who have been imperial and arrogant and who have centers named after them … The idea that Republicans should go around throwing stones at Charlie Range; is just foolish on their part.” –  Bill Kristol of the National Standard on “Fox News Sunday” when asked what Republicans should do about embattled Democratic Congressman Charles B. “Charlie” Rangel.

“As for the unfavorable, you know, I don’t blame people for not really knowing what it is, in some instances what I stand for, what my record is because if I believed everything that I read in or heard in the media, I wouldn’t like me either.” – Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on Fox News Sunday offering up a reason for a reason for why her current poll numbers among independent voters are lower than among conservatives.

“When you want to go forward, what do you do? You put it in D. When you want to go back? You put it in R.” President Obama at a Democratic National Committee event Monday in Atlanta.

“Bristol Palin is getting married to Levi Johnston. Sarah Palin is so excited that she can’t even make up words to express how thrilled she is.” –David Letterman


THE NEW YORKER ridicules the arcane obstructions of the dysfunctional Senate in “The Political Scene — THE EMPTY CHAMBER: Just how broken is the Senate?” by George Packer: “While senators are in Washington, their days are scheduled in fifteen-minute intervals: staff meetings, interviews, visits from lobbyists and home-state groups, caucus lunches, committee hearings, briefing books, floor votes, fund-raisers. … Tom Daschle … said, ‘When we scheduled votes, the only day where we could be absolutely certain we had all one hundred senators there was Wednesday afternoon.’ Nothing dominates the life of a senator more than raising money. … Daschle sketched a portrait of the contemporary senator who is too busy to think: ‘Sometimes, you’re dialing for dollars, you get the call, you’ve got to get over to vote, you’ve got fifteen minutes. You don’t have a clue what’s on the floor, your staff is whispering in your ears, you’re running onto the floor, then you check with your leader-you double check-but, just to make triple sure, there’s a little sheet of paper on the clerk’s table: The leader recommends an aye vote, or a no vote. So you’ve got all these checks just to make sure you don’t screw up, but even then you screw up sometimes. But, if you’re ever pressed, “Why did you vote that way?” -you just walk out thinking, Oh, my God, I hope nobody asks, because I don’t have a clue.’”


The end of combat operations in Iraq would mark the completion of yet another campaign promise for President Obama, and it could possibly buy him some more patience with Afghanistan, especially among Democrats.

Sarah Palin Hand Notes  

“Does anyone know how to read ‘Alaskan gibberish’? I can’t tell what I scribbled on my hand.”

I know Sarah Palin’s rabid supporters won’t see it the same way but, their anointed one all but told Chris Wallace (and America) on Fox News Sunday that she’s too dumb to be president when she told him that she’d written $3.8 million trillion dollars next 10 years on the palm of her hand “so I didn’t say $3.7 and then get dinged by the liberals saying I didn’t know what I was talking about.” The Obama bashers constantly claim he’s wedded to his teleprompter for speeches, so one can only imagine their outrage and vitriol if he had to use “notes” for an interview. But, to Palin’s Kool-Aid drinking sycophants, this only makes her more “real” and “down to earth” (translation – “She’s as stupid as we are”).

More on Palin from FOX on Sunday – One minute she was citing polls that showed confidence in Congress at an “all-time low” as proof that Democrats have the wrong ideas and policies for America and in the next, she breezily dismissed them when host Chris Wallace asked her about the polls that show independent voters find her polarizing and unqualified to be president.

What happened to Darryl Willis, the black BP spokesman? I haven’t seen his ads in recent days and I’m just wondering if he’s still in the Gulf, heading up the company’s claims efforts.

You know you need to improve your wardrobe when you’re sitting on a bench at The Grove and people drop change into the empty Starbucks cup sitting next to you.

Charlie Sheen hasn’t had a Mercedes Benz sedan stolen from his home garage in almost 6 weeks now, which is a recent personal record for the embattled (yes I know that’s redundant) star of the hit sitcom 2 &  ½ Men.

Bravo to White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen for saying what few in baseball want to admit: Latin players are treated much differently than their Asian counterparts. Many in the baseball hierarchy and media will try to dismiss the message because of the messenger but, Guillen is as right as rain for not what he said but for having the courage to say it publicly.

If I’m Shannon Brown, I’m getting a new agent when it’s all said and down.

Have Adam Morrison and Brian Scalabrine signed as a package deal yet? I mean, there has to be at least one NBA general manager sitting in his office saying, “Man, if we could just sign Morrison and Scalabrine, we could start printing playoff tickets tomorrow”, right?


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