Wednesday, July 28, 2010






“It’s a combination of being against what Obama is for, and also giving certain specifics of what we are for. Having said that, I don’t think we have to lay out a complete agenda, from top to bottom, because then we would have the national mainstream media jumping on every point trying to make that a campaign issue.”  – Rep. Peter King (R-NY) on July 15th responding to radio host Bill Bennett who had asked, “Is it enough for Republicans to say we are opposed to what [Obama’s] doing — stimulus, health care, we don’t like what he’s doing with the government, and look at the job situation — or do we need to have meat on the bones? And say, this is what we are for? Do we have to have positive proposals?”


“I go from being in a Toyota to a Bentley. It’s a beautiful thing.” – NBA player Al Jefferson on being traded from the Minnesota Timberwolves to the Utah Jazz.


Make no mistake about it: Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is running for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination as his upcoming trip to the Iowa State Fair clearly indicates.

What I like most about Florida Governor Charlie Crist is that he never once backed down from or apologized for his support of the stimulus bill and his welcoming President Obama to Florida shortly after the bill passed last year. His welcoming the president, his public support (and hug) at a public event basically cost him the GOP nomination for the Senate and caused the lunatic fringe of the GOP and Tea Party in Florida to “refudiate” him and frankly, it’s probably the best thing that could have happened to him and his campaign.

I can only speak for myself but, I think “Master Chef” is going to be even better than “Hell’s Kitchen”!

First it was Angels’ first basemen Kendry Morales who suffered a season-ending broken left leg when he leapt onto home plate after a walk-off home run back on May 29 which led to the Angels and a few other teams changing the way they celebrate come from behind wins. And now, I’m guessing the Florida Marlins will be changing their celebrations after reigning NL Rookie of the Year Chris Coghlan was hurt while delivering a pie in the face to teammate Wes Helms. Coghlan, who plays left field for the NL east team, is headed for the disabled list with a torn meniscus in his left knee and could need surgery.

I like to think that I’m a fairly compassionate person, but I must admit to feeling pretty good hearing the news that Jack Tatum died Tuesday (27th) at the age of 61. I met Daryl Stingley in Chicago in 1990 and can never forgive Tatum for being so callous after his hit in an exhibition game left Stingley paralyzed from the neck down. RIH (Rest In Hell) Jack Tatum.

Now that Terrell Owens has signed with the Bengals, will there be enough oxygen in Cincinnati for both he and Chad Ochocinco?

Any NBA fan knows that the Lakers will have a bulls eye on their back whenever they walk into an opponent’s arena this year as the back-to-back champs, but will it be as big as the one the Heat will be wearing on theirs? It will be interesting seeing how Chris Bosh, who played in the media outpost of Toronto and just two seasons  ago was posting videos on YouTube asking for All-Star votes, handles the increased scrutiny.

The Lakers doubled their tattoo total with the signing of forward Matt Barnes.

Sorry, I was reminiscing about the “Tony Rich Project Era”.


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