Tuesday, July 27, 2010

QUOTE OF THE DAY “They keep on trying to take us back.” – President Obama on the GOP agenda Monday.

Two Very Telling Quotes “We’re very comfortable where we’re at; we have very few members who feel endangered. We feel like we are reflecting a broader mood of dissatisfaction. Right now, the American people want us saying no.” – Rep. Tom Cole (Okla.) a veteran Republican and a deputy whip in the House.

“Will you tell those dumbasses at the Tea Party to stop asking questions about birth certificates while I’m on the camera? God, what am I supposed to do?” – Ken Buck, in a primary for U.S. Senate in Colorado, tells a “supporter” who turns out to be a Colorado Democratic Party tracker with a tape recorder in his pocket.


Will/Has Afghanistan become this president’s Viet Nam?

While the 2008 election was a choice between Barack Obama and John McCain, this fall’s midterm elections are a clear-cut choice between going backwards (George W. Bush’s failed policies) or moving forward (Barack Obama’s vision for America) and if a virtually all-white party (GOP) still has relevance in the multiracial, multicultural country that America has become.

I really wish that Charlie Rangel would make a deal with the House Ethics Committee and retire with as much grace as is still possible. I hope he understands that in this tough political climate, the Dems will cut him loose with the quickness.

Meg Whitman seems to have a legitimate chance to defeat Jerry Brown for the governorship of California, but Carly Fiorina seems to be fading fast in her quest to defeat incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer.

How can some people criticize what the Clintons are spending on their daughter’s wedding? It’s their child, their money, their business. Geez, get a life.

What is Ford doing so right that GM and Chrysler aren’t? Was the key bringing in a CEO (Alan Mulally) who had been a success in another manufacturing field (Boeing Aircraft) who had fresh ideas? Of course, the new Mustang sure hasn’t hurt!

From The “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover” Category

I was at the Central Avenue Jazz Fest with my good buddies Leroy and Antwine on Sunday afternoon and while they went to get some food, I overheard two motorcycle club members – in leathers and club colors – talking and one of them said, “Well, as Ken was saying on John and Ken the other day…” If you’re from LA, you know my surprise because John and Ken are as conservative as they come and these two looked more likely to listen to anyone BUT John and Ken.

The Pitt/Jolie clan is a walking, talking Benetton ad!

Which happens first: President Sarah Palin or a “Bachelor’ or “Bachelorette” of color?

Be still my heart. Amanda Byrnes has unretired!

Am I the only one besides Sinbad surprised and disappointed that Sade didn’t tour this summer?

I get that many of today’s young NBA players look up to LeBron James. I just don’t know why they do.

Fun Fact That Might Interest Only Me

Already a veteran of the Clippers, Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors, newest Laker Matt Barnes this fall would become the first player to have suited up for all four California-based NBA teams.

Everybody BUT Lance Armstrong is lying about him using PEDs? I think Floyd Landis is about to become the Jose Canseco of cycling.

If USC head coach Lane Kiffin set a goal of pissing off the entire state of Tennessee, he’s off to a great start. I mean, when was the last time an NFL team sued a university? Never would be my guess.

Could the NFC East – Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, Redskins – be the toughest division in the NFL this season?

I love the fact that Cowboys’ rookie wide receiver Dez Bryant refused to carry veteran receiver Roy Williams’ pads after practice on Sunday. “I feel like I was drafted to play football, not carry another player’s pads”, Bryant said of the tradition where veterans hand their pads to a rookie after practice. I hope Bryant’s the one who gives his fellow rookies the strength to stand up to and end the stupid, outdated “hazing” practices prevalent in professional sports. Tony Dungy, as classy a man who ever played and coached in the NFL, did not allow hazing on either the Buccaneers or Colts when he was the head coach.

Shaq and TO looking for jobs. Isn’t this a sad statement on what two future Hall of Famers’ careers have come down to, especially Shaq’s? If he signs with another team, it will be his SIXTH and TO is practically going around the NFL with a sign that says “Will Play For Damn Near Anyone Who Will Have Me”. While neither man has ever been in any serious trouble off the court or field, Shaq has been known to burn bridges every time he leaves a team and TO, well, he’s TO.

One thing I know about big-time sports teams owners is that they hate not having control. So, I look for the NBA to definitely attempt to regain some control over free agency moves and trade “requests” in the next collective bargaining agreement.

Sorry, I was reminiscing about the “Jon B Era”.


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